Saturday, July 3, 2010

And I Love Her

Great Lennon/McCartney composition from their early years. I think that too often the early period of Beatles songs are underrated in their composition and arrangement, overshadowed by their later work. The lack of a drum kit on this song is absolutely mesmerizing, the interplay of the acoustic guitars is angelic, and the key change out of the bridge for the guitar solo and outro is uber-ballin. Quoth the wikipedia: "A majority of this song switches back and forth between the key of E and its relative minor C#m. It also changes keys altogether just before the solo, to F. It ends, on the parallel major of the key of F's relative minor, D. This technique is known as tierce de Picardie and had been used in the past by some composers, including Bach." Not bad for a couple of kids.
-Nick Anastasi

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  1. And now our Spanish friends can finally understand those wacky Liverpool accents.